How Health Insurance Works

How Health Insurance Works

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At The Warshauer Agency, our focus is on you. Our process is easy and personalized to your needs, and those of your family or business.

First, we exchange basic information by phone or email. That way, we can get a feel for what our client’s goals and needs are.

We have a consultation with you to gather information. For example, what are your medical conditions, medications,  what hospital, and doctor do you prefer. We talk about all your preferences and your budget; both for premiums and for co-pays as you use medical services.

As the health insurance environment changes, we will be qualifying clients for the exchange programs and tax credits. We will guide you in the best direction for you to have the most positive experience, either as an individual, a family or as an employer group.

We shop the market based on our experience and expertise with each carrier (we represent most major ones) and the various plans so that we can help our clients choose medical insurance that covers their prescriptions and includes their doctor in the network. We ensure that clients can use facilities close to their homes and work with premiums that they can afford.

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