Long Term Care Insurance

Long-Term Care Insurance

Long-term care could be your biggest financial burden. No financial plan is complete or competent without it. A lifetime of savings and planning can easily be wiped out in less than a year. Two out of three people over 65 will require long-term care.

While your current health may be on your mind now, today is the time to arrange coverage ensuring your care later in life. You may feel that long-term care arrangements are too far in the future to worry about today. Unfortunately, the need for long-term care will come as a surprise, often finding us without proper arrangements in place. Chronic illnesses, accidents, disabilities, and other conditions can and do happen every day.

Imagine not having the proper coverage when it’s your time for arranging at-home care, the need to move to a nursing home, or assisted living facility. Planning and investing now will secure the future needs of your immediate family and relieve your extended family from the worry of long-term funding.

The focus of our agents is to work with you as a partner in the community of insurance carriers. We represent only the top, stable, A-rated companies. This assures you they will stand up against the test of time. Together, we will navigate the complex system of eligibility and underwriting, federal tax credits and incentives, for securing coverage and protecting your assets from liquidation.

When we first get together to talk about long-term care we will work on creating a history of care needs to establish the type of care that best fits your years ahead. We will go over easy to answer questions such as:

  • how this coverage fits into your budget
  • health history, current prescriptions you’re taking and why
  • the type of settings you prefer in the future

We will review your health history in an easy-to-understand method that will remain secure between you and our agent. By establishing a history of relevant needs we will be able to arrange the coverage that will work for you and your long-term budget needs. This will be a pleasant conversation with you, about issues that many folks often wait too long to arrange. The longer you wait, the more expensive the coverage is. Additionally, as your health naturally deteriorates it becomes more difficult to get approved for coverage.

This process will allow us to connect you today with a carrier to cover your needs for tomorrow.