Medicare Insurance

Medicare Insurance

As we first get to know each other we will talk about our focus, expertise, and value. Together we will build a history of your relevant needs. For example; we’ll ask about prescriptions and dosages, preferred pharmacies, doctors, current treatments, and your preferred hospital. We’ll compare carriers, prescription tier levels, travel lifestyle, and special needs. Making sure your voice is heard, needs are met while sticking to your budget.

Our next step is to schedule a face-to-face meeting, either in our office or in your home. An easy-to-understand presentation of the Medicare system will be given, along with an explanation of plans that will best serve your needs.

We will complete all the necessary paperwork and process it on your behalf. This is what we do. We know how to get you through the forest of red tape and find the plan you deserve.

What to look forward to

  1. A friendly fact-finding phone call and or email.
  2. In-depth “diagnosis” of what will help you the most.
  3. A personal meeting, generally less than an hour, to lay out our path ahead.
  4. Easy to understand enrollment.

What will you need at our meeting?

  1. Your Red White and Blue Medicare Card.
  2. Voided check if you want to set up a direct payment option.

Medicare Supplemental Carriers

Regence Blue Cross Blue Shield
Providence Healthcare
Moda Health Logo
Kaiser Permanente