Employers and Group Insurance

Employer Group Plans

The health of your employees and their families directly affects your bottom line. Investing in the health and welfare of your workers is as important as any capital investment, but means so much more than just positive numbers. Your actions to secure the proper health, dental and long-term care for your company will show your level of care toward those individuals most important to your business. The good health of your workers and their families is crucial to your business.

The focus of our producers is to work with you as a partner in navigating the community of insurance carriers, and Cover Oregon and Health Plan Finder, which are Oregon and Washington’s Health Care Exchanges. Working together, we will guide you through the complex system of eligibility, tax credits, subsidies, and premium relief for each individual client. Our ultimate goal is to qualify you for quality insurance with significantly lower premiums.

When we first get together, your needs and valued goals will be discussed. The history of relevant needs for your employees, such as the ability to keep current physicians, and preferences in hospitals and pharmacies will be reviewed. A pleasant conversation with you will get us to a level of understanding of the needs of your employees, while giving us an idea of what carriers are the best fit for your company’s needs, either in our program or the Exchange programs. We will determine where your company is best suited in the marketplace and eligibility for tax credits.

Spending this time together allows us to meet your business needs, while respecting your budget. After this meeting, we will move forward and offer a plan that works best for you. We can do this face-to-face, in our office or yours, or we can easily meet via phone, depending on your schedule and needs. Our presentation of how to best use the system and explanation of plans that fit your company will not waste valuable time that could be focused on your business success, but focus on the overall well-being of the company.

What to look forward to:

  1. A friendly fact-finding phone call and/or email.
  2. An in-depth “diagnosis” will help you the most.
  3. A personal meeting, generally less than an hour, to lay out our path ahead.
  4. Easy to understand enrollment.

What will you need:

  1. Voided check if you want to set up a direct payment option.
  2. A listed census that outlines the name and date of birth of each of your employees, so we can get accurate rate quotes. We will provide an excel worksheet electronically or via fax, whichever is easier for you.
  3. A personal meeting, generally less than an hour, to lay out our path ahead.
  4. Easy to understand enrollment (either all electronically or in-person).
  5. We offer employee meetings to explain the chosen plan designs and answer questions, reducing your HR responsibilities and burdens, at no cost to you. We are compensated directly by the carriers.

What we do is easy to understand, with the added bonus of completion online for enrollment and processing with the carrier and exchange program. We are your new partner in understanding the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) and will take the needs of your company to heart while avoiding the high-cost access fees that are often found in the system.